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There is just one problem. After nearly four years in the Rip Kc Jones 1932 2020 shirt moreover I love this White House, Trump has yet to explain what this “something better” is. (He also dodged a question about his missing health care plan during his NBC town hall on Thursday, with a dogged Savannah Guthrie pressing him to explain where the much-promised plan was.) Like his newfound hero, Lindsey also neglected to elaborate on what this “something better” was.

Rip Kc Jones 1932 2020 shirt

Later after the Rip Kc Jones 1932 2020 shirt moreover I love this hearings, Lindsey started fundraising in the Senate building—which is an ethics no-no. (I mean, I know we don’t hear a lot about ethics anymore, and yet.) “I think people in South Carolina are excited about Judge Barrett,” said Graham, who has been in the Senate for 18 years. “I don’t know how much it affected fundraising today, but if you want to help me close the gap: LindseyGraham.com—a little bit goes a long way.” Needless to say, the next day two ethics complaints were filed against Lindsey.

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