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John Rick Shirt Ladies V neck Shirt

John Rick Shirt
John Rick Shirt

I am on 21 day fix and follow Heidi and John Rick Shirt and autumn and in the journey to health group and focus group on facebook don’t give up life is to good to and your beautiful the way you are but change is good if your ready and willing just stay strong and confident you can do it. Some of you that have not read the article that Heidi provided or watched the video, need to before you say anything rude. There is a before picture of Deborah in the video and it is very motivating for us tiny skinny people that would love to put on some healthy weight and muscle. She looks amazingly beautiful and strong! And as someone who’s carried twins, they really do a number on your abs. My first daughter was a quick return to pre-pregnancy with hard work and eating right.

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But my efforts after the twins have had to be doubled (no pun intended). Probably a mixture of twin belly, the fact I’m 4 years older and nearing 40, and having to chase my toddler hasn’t helped. They’re almost 4 months old now and I only have less than an inch in my waist to go! (It’s taken 6 days/wk workouts of Crossfit & running, eating healthy and walking a minimum of 5mi every day – exhausting, but worth it!). Every woman is different and carries their John Rick Shirt. From the pregnancy photo, it looks like she swallowed a basketball, didn’t have much weight gain anywhere else other than her belly, and there’s nothing wrong with that its just easier to get back down to what she weighed before her pregnancy.

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