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Specifically, the Let’s see what happens shirt and by the same token and company announced it will begin converting three of its perfume manufacturing facilities to make the hand sanitizer; these facilities are where LVMH produces many of its fragrances, including the ones for brands such as Guerlain, Dior, and Givenchy. As reported by Forbes, the first deliveries of the sanitizer are expected to be made by tomorrow and will continue rolling out by the end of the week; LVMH expects to produce 12 tons of the hydroalcoholic gel in the initial batch. There has been a global shortage of alcohol-based sanitizers in response to coronavirus. Recommended by the World Health Organization as an effective tool to avoid the spreading of the virus, LVMH is doing its part in combatting this shortage. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration has also encouraged licensed pharmacists and physicians to begin creating their own hand sanitizers.

Let's see what happens shirt


This past week has many caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. But whether it was a dose of above-neck creativity, sweet moment with family, or an offering of encouraging words, a few beauty muses helped lift spirits. LVMH, with its headquarters based in Paris, is doing its part to combat an epidemic that is heavily affecting its home country: This weekend, France closed all “nonessential businesses” including restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, and theaters. As of Sunday, the Let’s see what happens shirt and by the same token and number of coronavirus cases in France had passed 5,420, with 127 deaths. For starters, Zora Simpson Casebere and her mother, photographer Lorna Simpson, shared a touching “mom and me” polaroid replete with gleaming cheekbones. And on the note of light, Lionbabe’s Jillian Hervery shared an electrifying look for her “Different Planet” music video with beaded blonde cornrows and glittering lids. And all the way in Mexico, Imaan Hammam started out her week with flowing braids, sun-kissed skin, and a mood boosting mantra: “U got magic in ur bones and gold in ur soul.”

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