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You should catch Poldark on Netflix. Epic romance set in 1780s Cornwall, England. GORGEOUS scenery, handsome leading man, stunningly beautiful leading ladies, clean language, no graphic sex scenes, gentility, beautiful I’m A Hallmark Aholic Hallmark Hoodie. It is a guilty pleasure. After reading many of the comments (and getting shamed for having an opinion of my own) I feel validated in believing that no two women are the same, and for anyone to judge all of us by Hallmark movies is a mistake of grandiose proportions. I’ve found that most women are pretty up-front about what we want; if men don’t know, they haven’t been listening. Just stop thinking it’s “what women want” and start understanding that each woman has her own hopes, dreams, needs, opinions, likes, dislikes and desires. If you ask her, she most likely will be happy to fill you in on what that means for her. I am not one of those women at all!! I hate those movies. They are all the same…the exact same. Man and woman meet a few days before Christmas and by Christmas they are “in love” and are going to get married. 

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GAG!!! But hey if some of you like them more power to you. But in my opinion you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Lol. His observations are spot on, but there are plenty of women that find this crap unwatchable. Every year they take Frasier off the air for 2-3 months and run these ridiculous movies non stop. I decided to embrace it this year, and I couldn’t get through 15 minutes of the first movie. Oh that’s such a sweet holiday riff on the Hallmark Movie sensation. I have girlfriends who share the schedule and plan out their evenings so they can watch every one. I’m more of a Die Hard holiday girl, but maybe that’s because I have the man of my dreams and don’t need to daydream about landing one!. Hallmark movies do have a formula and are very predictable but no more than the men “daydreams” of Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, etc. The majority of the men or women enjoying these can’t believe they’re real—it’s just escapism like any other entertainment. So what you are saying is that they want to have multiple men competing for their attention / “heart” all while being showered with gifts and not really doing anything of actual value for anyone else. Or is it that women want to look like the I’m A Hallmark Aholic Hallmark Hoodie who play the main character while having a man attracted to her who looks like the winner of said “heart”?.

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