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Are you looking for: Jonah Hill Farley & Sandler & Rock & Spade & Meadows Tank Top?

Engineering ways. So don’t worry about it falling on you. It works and its cool. If we can drive a truck on the road why do we need a tunnel to cover the Jonah Hill Farley & Sandler & Rock & Spade & Meadows Tank Top? Tunnel boring machines have been in used for years with great success already. I guess it can still be useful for building small tunnels. This is a relatively small tunnel though. I’m not sure how needed that is today. For example, four lanes of traffic are certainly not squeezing through there, but a bike path for sure. Idk, curious though. I think some people on here are missing the point, as long as they have the materials ready they can build it in a day or 2 and its complete instead of waiting the standard 28days like the video says, yes the Romans and others built bridges and arches years ago but think of how long it took to build them and how many people they had to put them together.I think it’s pretty cool, especially if they can change the size preference of the bridges and trucks to suit different needs… It looks like interlocking blocks placed on the outside while the truck provides support until the keystone is placed last. Earth is then place atop the tunnel. It should be strong because the Arch is being used. Ummmm….. My only question is…… Why did it take us one hundred years to build an arch tunnel out of interlocking stone when we were already doing this in the 1800s without any mortar or adhesive then? 

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Those structures still stand people…. Structures that can expand and contract with weather conditions and even ground movement will outlast anything that is meant to be permanently rigid as this structure will not crack or break on heaving…. Hooray for old tech! “the same way lego fits together” well sadly i feel i need to tell you that lego isnt water tight, nor does it hold up against wind. it may seem like a good idea not having any cement involved or anything to make it water tight, but the moment that the dirt on top gets wet, you’re going to have dirt pouring through endlessly, also if you do this under water like the Euro tunnel, chances are you’ll have half of it full of water from the ocean. this sadly means that it wont pass off as being very safe. it may be durable, but the moment one of the teeth are lost on one of the slots, then it will fall in on itself. Nice concept but what if your trying to make a tunnel under something and your not on level hard ground to begin with. Most job sites are really muddy and soft. You would have to grade and pave with either a stone base that can be roller compacted or asphalt. Not very practical. Maybe for re doing existing tunnels.. yes. But will someone really buy a truck that only has one Jonah Hill Farley & Sandler & Rock & Spade & Meadows Tank Top? Probably not. Poured Concrete is king. That’s why I operate a concrete pump.

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