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Liberals will take valuable land from the tax Trump Grinch Make Christmas Great Again Longsleeve Shirt of poor counties for lakes any time they want. We need to take their building sites and turn them back into parks and let the public have use of those beach fronts. I parked in the Malibu state parking lot two years back. I walked approx 2 miles to a cliff jump spot for my daughter and friend. The walk was full of Mexican families living at the park and parks service shacks were spray painted ms13. California has sold out and desperately needs a leadership change. Now require them to start managing their forests like they did before all of the environmental crazies got involved. Essentially what they are doing is building a bonfire by leaving all the dead trees and the underbrush untouched for decades. Forests are made healthier by the logging industry. They plant five trees for every one they cut and in the process the underbrush is continuously cleaned away.

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The logging industry also maintained the logging roads that the fire companies are trying to use now to reach the fires. Many of the roads are no longer passable because they have not been maintained. THAT plus the overbuilding in many areas is a large part of what is causing these record-size fires. The suffering in our State is do to poor forrestry laws. IF we continue down same path and do not clean up old logs, debris and thin trees.. If they pissed away on the fires as aggressively as they piss away money, the fires would have been out days ago. I’m not a fan of California, People that are running it into the ground are pretty Detestable folks. But make sure the money gets into the right hands; And not their Crooked Government; nor the Liberal Elites. Not a big supporter, but you have done some good things…and I thank you…can’t for the life of me convince my friends that you have sent aid…if I do, they just change the subject to something else they don’t like about you…can’t seem to see any of the good…it is sad. You’re just a Trump Grinch Make Christmas Great Again Longsleeve Shirt…not God…but I think that even if you were, they would find fault. Peace. ‘All the way’. Huh, interesting – what was he earlier tweet?

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