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Thoughts and prayers. So good to hear someone giving them a taste of their nasty medicine. If she doesn’t want to give then don’t give. But to call for a Trumpkin Pie Make Thanksgiving Great Again Sweater of this woman from her child is WRONG. Thank you for checking her. Gotta give it to you young lady. When she said your about to go viral….i would have already been givin her a throat punch! I really have to work on my anger! Thank you for standing up for someone while she was just trying to keep it together. We need to know the harassers name and location. It is important to know who our neighbors really are. Please post if you recognize her. Yes mean people used to try this with me in America and I am white. I just say, go ahead, take it up with them lol, and walk away. But then again I was legal and worked waitressing, cleaning, supermarket cashier, temp jobs, whatever. I didn’t have any children though. Maybe it’s more difficult if you have kids. More people should be told to go back to Europe who do the same. Amazing after being told that she shut up. It doesn’t feel so good does it when someone says it to you!. Typical bully reaction when one is socked back in the mouth. Her karma is right around the corner, can tell she is proud of her hatred towards others and the famous defiant gesture that all of these folks throw around with pride. Hope she sleeps with comfort. All these people who call on people mind your own business!! You don’t know if these people are illegal or not. Should have called the cops on her fugly ass!!! Thank u to the person who called this ugly disgusting person out. People need to do it more often. 

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And the people thats doing this stuff look awful like they never been in a dentist chair or walked past a college but claim sombody took something from them here’s an idea get ya GED go to community college work and put yourself through like i did ready to blame others cause you didn’t finish high School,if you want to blame sombody blame those Republicans you elected that gave themselves a 2 trillion dollar tax break and shit on the rest of us, by the way how much of that 2 trillion did the likes of you recieve? I’ll Wait. Enough all ready. Really haven’t parents and grandparents done a better job than this in raising their children to adulthood? And Sunday school teachers, scout leaders, athletic coaches, primary education instructors what the hell have you all been doing the past 40 years? Someone is skipping the basics about kindness. Wow, just wow. What’s pathetic is this is the norm with trump supporters and not the exception! It is so so important we organize and work to get every voter out in Nov….we cannot let the face of this racist become the face of America! Wish we knew her name. Kudos to the young Trumpkin Pie Make Thanksgiving Great Again Sweater who stood up to this bigoted white woman who like so many before her is calling 911 / the police because she doesn’t like someone of color in “her white space”.

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