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Official Rick and morty supreme shirt

What Arc. He died like a chump after amounting to yet another character that was killed off with zero backstory. Well said. The haters need to stop being one sided and biased to wards. The Last Jedi. The original trilogy did similar things and people love the original trilogy. So called “fans” need to get off their high horse and enjoy the movie.

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Official Rick and morty supreme hoodie and t shirt


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Review Fortnite Just Play It V Neck Shirt for Ladies

Yall need to calm tf down. Ive been playing games for almost 20 years and not any game has ever put this much time and attention to adding things every week, dont like it? Thats fine, but telling a bunch of strangers youre going to stop playing because of an added item is a bit childish and go throw your tantrum somewhere else while real gamers, adapt & become better. I literally just found something called “eye of the storm tracker” it shows you exactly where the storm ends up!!!  I found it in a chest in tilted and it looks like a backpack with a remote in your hand and you look at the map and theres a little yellow circle that shows you where the final circle is! Idk if it was a glitch and they didn’t mean to release yet?! I found it as well, you can also find “purple things” and pick them up with it. All the ppl talking about they will quit playing I see them coming back. Jetpacks are only in the game for a limited time. It’s not forever.  I really hoped they’d finally bring this out in a better build. Nah, just another thing to make people only use shotguns.
Wouldn’t mind a fight against another gun every now and then.Fortnite Just Play It T Shirt
Getting way too boring stomping shotgun rushers. 99% of those who use it won’t use it for the smart heigh advantage and will just use it for their blind rushing. Don’t need to be able to shoot while using it when you can just turn it off and shoot. Looks like you can’t do anything but fly with them while they’re equipped. So probably it’s just for transport when running from the storm. When is save the world getting more new missions? Its been almost a month!! Usually y’all have them every week. Should have left it like it was when all the missions came out at once and not made it come out weekly. Yo Epic, I’ve got an idea that you may or may not have thought about. In the future it would be pretty god damn cool if you were allowed to dual wield a couple of weapons. The smaller ones if you wish. tact smg, pistol and Heavy pistol. While you dual wield there would be a lack of accuracy to equal out the fact that you are using two weapons at the same time. Btw each gun would take up a slot. So two slots would be needed for this to occur. Plus you would only be able to dual wield the same weapon. Idk if you will ever read this. But if you want to make this game bigger and better I reckon using ideas from the public… the people that play this great game… that is better than PUBG. Because the people made this game what it is today.

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Do you looking for I Am A Marvelaholic SWeater?

I mean yeah, Marvel have to promote the release of Spider-Man Homecoming to their younger audiences somehow, but won’t this decision effect the current show and audience they already have?  I just hate that superhero shows/movies constantly have to change. This is literally the same thing they did when they cancelled Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for Avengers Assemble; marketing.  Lorenzo Rodriguez I know right and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was so well planned and thought out.

The intro music was awesome and the characters weren’t as lazy and retarded as they’re now in the new show!

Just a bunch of pen pushers at Marvel, making the cheapest decisions they can because they know the Marvel brand is mainstream enough to do anything and get away with it. The 90’s animated series was the best. Spidey is my spirit animal so I’m pretty faithful to all the cartoon adaptations but I didn’t care for the unlimited one. I was semi-excited for a new story and characters but the artwork was not complimentary. Ugh. Spideman has Batman beat for rebooted shows. I didn’t really care for the childish tone of Ultimate, so I hope this new one is more teen/adult friendly.
My favorite? Spiderman and his Amazing Friends! Spiderman teamed with Firestar and Iceman was the coolest show ever! Jerrick D. Guffey Ultimate is childish. It uses many of the same gags that Teen Titans Go does. It’s too fast paced with very little in the way of plot or character development. I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt

Spiderman and his Amazing friends was the show I grew up with. Crappy stock animation. Below sub par plots. Very few guest spots. Lame plots that were far removed from the comic……. but I loved it. I’m not saying it’s anyone else’s favorite… but it’s mine. Seeing Iceman break out of that block of ice was my moment of zen. The cool Spider-Pad that geeked out when they pulled on that trophy?!!! Best room ever! Two dudes and a hot chick… hanging out in their undies?!!! Great times man! It was all so overly dramatic. They nailed it. This was also my favorite Spiderman show nothing against the original or the 70’s or 90’s version but this show was what I looked forward to every Saturday. I’ve enjoyed most of the Spidey cartoons through the years. Amazing Friends will always be my favorite though. Can’t get interested in Ultimate. Get Greg Weisman & Josh Keaton on board & I’m happy.
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Fortnite Legend V Neck Shirt For Ladies

I run 56mb bb and still get what some would interpret as ‘lag’ on landing. Fortnite, while this is good, you need to stop putting new things out every week. Not trying to say one is better than the other but call of duty made us wait for a long periods of time for new stuff and I hated it but realized it was a good thing to do. If you give out more good content every week, you won’t have any ideas left for later. Maybe hold out on new weapons and items and just focus on fixing the games every two weeks. Think of lots of new stuff and release a HUGE update with all those things plus HUGE bug/glitch fixes. But that’s just my opinion. Best solution when your game is lagging is take the cartridge out blow on it and put it back in.

Fortnite Legend ShirtFortnite how about changing it back to automatically fill every time i start a new game instead of no fill. Its pretty annoying when i forget to hit fill and start a game to play in squads and its just me.  For the last month and a half i’ve had the issue on ps4, where when someone dies or when I spectate someone it doesnt show the gamer tag it just shows Player1234 died. Trent Costigan I have 100mbps internet and for 3 weeks leading up to the last patch the game lagged so much I stopped playing after the last update I have no more lag. Lag does NOT always mean you have bad internet. Game runs great in my gaming pc, the squad and I got at least three wins yesterday with minimal lag/glitches. Maybe get off that iPhone and play on something proper.  If your worried about a 100 gig download then your major issues are your internet service and your modem.  Tyrone Davis you’ve never seen one glitch? What about the guns glitching? It happens to me at least 4-5 time a match. Roxanne van Oijen how fast is your internet? Do you have your setup prioritized through the router? Is your NAT open? Ricky ‘Tricksy’ Farndon what setup are you playing the game on? Pc? What graphics card are you using? This guy’s an idiot. First he thinks the same team making content also work on maintenance. Second he wants a patch but doesn’t wanna have to download it . Don’t worry his “lagging” & “gun glitching” is his excuse for sucking at the game. Everyone complaining is seriously sounds so whiny. Lmao so what if the game lags for half a second. LITERALLY EVERY ONLINE GAME DOES AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER. Anthony Levi Zalewski true but every other game I play whether it cost 60 bucks or free doesn’t run half as bad as this game does.

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Review Bae Black And Educated Sweater

Rooting for your Tarheels…my Aggies are gone, and the Buckeyes lost in first round of NIT. OK and ‘Nove have been impressive, but UNC needs to silence ND and then the Orange Rinds. These refs are clearly trying to help ND, and these announcers are completely okay with it. What a bogus technical foul call.
You can make a muscle and stare at it after a bucket but you cant throw a ball up in the air when you are upset with yourself. I am a Guardian giver to the ASPCA and my only regret is that I can’t give more each month. They are also a beneficiary in my will.

It is sad that some of these rescue animals have gone through a rough life and trust is not there but with all of your staff, it looks like they are on their way to happiness. Thank you for caring. These two are friendly and still a little shy but very trusting of whom they are with and everyone is giving them appropriate amounts of attention. All puppies are so cute. Every dog and cat need to be loved and cared for. Not to be abused. Please have your puppies and kitties fixed to help reduce the animal population due to many are tortured and abused. Their love is unconditional that’s what they need in return. God bless all the fur babies. Good for the Democratic Women!!! The Republican Party should be listed on the Enemies of America List!!! The DNC have been exposed as lying, cheating, and corrupt hypocrites. Only their most extreme and manipulated supporters are still on board.

Bae Black And Educated ShirtThe R’s aren’t the ones promising free shit and everyone a job….bullshit that cannot possibly happen…so yeah…go with that.  LOL!!!!! its so cute when liberals think their party cares about them lol. tthey dont give a crap about you, neither did hillary. she wanted your vote cause you were a women, thats IT. my god you’re all so easily gullible. Worst officiating I’ve seen in a long time, both sides of the ball. What a shame. I swear people from the opposite team in every game say this and always include both sides to seem unbiased haha. Keep crying about the refs, I prefer enjoying the games regardless of who’s playing. And a falcons fan too? Wow you just can’t stop taking L’s dude. We won 38 games in a row, 38-1 is not a slam bruh.

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Thanos Salt Bae Tank Top

Most people don’t know that back in 1912, Hellmann’s mayonnaise was manufactured in England. In fact, the Titanic was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after its stop in New York.
This would have been the largest single shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to Mexico. But as we know, the great ship did not make it to New York. The ship hit an iceberg and sank, and the cargo was forever lost.
The people of Mexico, who were crazy about mayonnaise, and were eagerly awaiting its delivery, were disconsolate at the loss. Their anguish was so great, that they declared a National Day of Mourning, which they still observe to this Thanos Salt Bae shirt day.
The National Day of Mourning occurs each year on May 5th and is known, of course, as Sinko de Mayo! I would love to have a battle of wits with yall, but yall seem to be unarmed! Thank you, I belong to the smartest race in the world. Everything around you is white technology. I don’t eat too many tortillas which is what your known for for. Yes we couldn’t wait to go to Mexico and watch the Fiesta. Surprise they don’t celebrate. Did know a thing. I was very disappointed.

Thanos Salt Bae Shirt

It benefit the us. they didnt want a super power. Plus i’m a catholic and french were defending catholic belief after they kill maximiliano and kick french out. The revolution and right after. Their master plan to destroy christ church (the only one catholic church. ) la cristiada killing priest and trying to destroy the church. And because 5 de mayo is a victory convinient to the freemasons and plans to destroy the church.also the mexican goverment are freemason.they would never go agaisnt other freemason is a huge big CONSPIRACY im sorry to disappoint but i would wear that shirt. Why are WE celebrating this holiday HERE? This is America, we should celebrate OUR holidays, not someone elses. Exacto Masielg Valadez that’s the reason. The Mexicans did the work that the US had to do later on, To fight the French out. The US was afraid that later the French would control the continent as well as the USA. So that’s why the American got more exited of the defeat than the Mexicans. Very interesting part of history, but certainly true, in Mexico not a mayor holiday. Most of all the food and drink of the country have influenced our celebration of the day.  I propose we stop celebrating Cinco de Mayo and just stick with National Tequila Day.

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Lol the black girl at work was like happy 5 de Mayo i said happy kuwanza and she said why?? I said because they are both worn Thanos Salt Bae shirt. The united states took half of mexico by force and then help the mexicans get rid of the french , and we suppose to celebrate that , when the only thing the french wanted to do is help us get the land back ! REALLY? Absolutely Stupid that this holiday is celebrated nation wide in America! The key word there is AMERICA. Not Mexico.

Mexico had just gotten over a civil war in 1862.
2. European troops invaded because Mexico was broke.
3. France was considered extremely potent militarily when it attacked Mexico.
4. After losing the Battle of Puebla, France went on to win the war.
5. The French occupation of Mexico was short-lived.
6. Porfirio Díaz began making a name for himself at Puebla.
7. Cinco de Mayo is more widely celebrated in parts of the United States than in Mexico.

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Thanos Was Right Shirt

You win by hiding just as the Inifinty Stones were… All hidden time adds up to 10 years of the MCU.  I wish it would be a purchasable skin with and infinity gauntlet based harvesting tool rather than a skin you can only get in the game. It would be more interesting if the majority of the Avengers used guns, personally this is a poor mashup. So you find the gauntlet , snap the fingers and half of the players die? Nice. Apperantly the new fortnite skin needs healing. If I see thanos in the game ima throw a clinger at his head. I don’t play pubg or fortnite, but you can catch me at the pub every fortnite. Tell Christian he can finally take out his rage against Thanos! Hold on, now. Paladins already ripped of Genji. Try again, Fortnite lol Do better. Oh, look. It’s still not worth playing! I thought I hit peak disinterest in a game, until now!

Thanos Was Right Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top And Sweater For Men And Woman

Thanos Was Right T Shirt only gets half off all the kills per session. if yu haven’t seen avengers you gotta see it so you can know how badass Thanos Was Right Shirt is. Just when I thought the cancer couldn’t keep growing. Funny because ign only covers fortnite and infinity. the hell is this? all of us against thanos. Should be whoever gets the gauntlet snaps and racks up kills by wiping out half the competition. You can relive the movie, over and over and over and over again. Just make another Ultimate marvel game like we had 10years ago. Now they need more than just him out all of them in the game. This makes me actually want to play. Might as well cash in on the avengers since they have a super hero theme going on. so how much of my mom credit card I have to use to get that skin. Of course something sucks when you suck at it. Why is a movie that made a billion dollars in a week THIS desperate for broad appeal?.

Thanos arm with the Infinity Gauntlet then close it.  decapitating his arm in the process then picking up the decapitated arm and slapping Thano’s across the face with it.

Thanos Was Right Tank Top

Tank Top

Thanos Was Right Ladies V Neck

Ladies V Neck

Thanos Was Right Youth Tee

Youth Tee

Thanos Was Right Ladies


Thanos Was Right Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top And Sweater For Men And Woman

Thanks to you now Thanos Was Right  need intense therapy to get his manhood back. If you want to avoid spoilers, just stay of the Thanos Was Right T Shirt . Yeah, I know, some people can’t do that… But if you want to avoid spoilers stay off fan pages or other genre related sites. Because people can be jerks. They are going to win in the next movie cause doctor strange seen 14million out comes and they only won 1 so thats why he gave up the time stone and told Tony that it’s the only way. So no worries everyone will be back.  I thought the Thanos Was Right Shirt was great. (read the comics so i have an idea of what its building up to but) the bad guy wins for once. Also this bad guy has an actual mission. And believes he’s working for the greater good. Instead of some villains who just have no mission it seems other than being a pain for someone.

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The Youth Will Always Win Tee

You’re one fucked up Cuntree. Well it was like that until all these cry babies find petty bs to whine about The Youth Will Always Win T Shirt… 156 years ago today, three brave Americans defeated El Guapo at the Battle of Santa Poco to give Mexico its independence. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.  That’s hilarious. And to think that the little town of Santo Poco overlooked the grave sin of cultural appropriation by their gringo liberators. Who gives a shit let’s all celebrate like brothers, like it or not mexico and the US are Siamese twins so deal with it we’re stuck together for eternity Viva Mexico  ?? and long live the US of A. In the way that we’re physically connected and have some cultural similarities, including the fact we both have roots in Europe and earned our freedom from Europeans. Other than that though.  This is America, where we have more foreign groups than any other country. How tf is wearing a sombrero cultural appropriation? That’s like American tradition at this point. And American tradition means all ethnic groups should be celebrated. Just like when we wear green for st Patrick’s day even though I’m Mexican. We’re celebrating our entire culture. Stopped listening when he said, “Culturally sensitive.” I already know about Cinco de mayo and its history. Now let me drink my beer and enjoy my $1 taco from Taco Bell. Hello Everyone,
As we partake in CINCO DE MAYO
with Taco’s, Tequila’s and Trouble’s,
and a BONUS sprinkle of Mint Julips for
The Kentucky Derby. Please Celebrate Responsibly. Dress however you want, go to parties if that’s what you desire, don’t restrain yourself of having fun just for being afraid of offending easily-offendable people, drink a caballito de Tequila to appease your wishes and celebrate whatever you want.

The Youth Will Always Win T Shirt

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It’s not as if you were cosplaying as a klansman.  It’s a fake holiday. The Mexican’s beat the French in a minor battle. The French beat the pants off the Mexicans the following year. So this celebration is just an excuse to get drunk, fill up with food, and celebrate a false holiday that most Mexicans don’t.  Hi I just want to learn more about that second battle because I’ve never heard of that shirt before. Especially since being Mexican I’ve never seen French culture being adopted. “Just an excuse to get drunk, fill up with food, and celebrate a false holiday”

So….. a holiday then?
They’re all just excuses based on either false, subjective, or outright irrelevant events cherry picked out of the millions of events of human history.
so you can either choose to be angry or be happy about it really.  I agree R.I Mollering……today is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day……’s Sept. 16. R.I.Moellering is mixing Football with history. War and Football are 2 separate things R.I. Moellering. France beat Mexico in 1930 World Cup however Mexico beat France 2-0 in South Africa . FYI Video is about the war of 1862 Moellering. I am pretty sure that was the last time the French army was considered the best in the world. They pretty much lose every battle they fight.  Stephane Brouard actually the US won the Cold War….and both Iraq wars….which is still better than zero wars.  Alex Fortune Fortin haha, you won nothing, had nothing to do withThe Youth Will Always Win T Shirt and Iraq was not won, you are still there, incapable of achieving anything, like in Vietnam. Meanwhile France has a long history full of victories, you are just ignorant. Stephane Brouard am I ignorant or are you extremely rude? I didn’t go out of my way to insult you but someone apparently is a strong nationalist. You remind me of Donald trump.

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The Rolling Stone Shirt

But! Infinity War did have its bad CGI momenta too. Marvel fan boys, i know ya’ll love and will die for Marvel and would ultimately deny The Rolling Stone Shirt. But lets be honest…. When Bruce was in the Hulk Buster and the cover/helmet came off and you saw Bruce… It was obvious the CGI was terrible by how off centered and the oddly way it tried to move with the buster… It looked so bad I laughed! Thanos had tooo much CGI I thought I was playing story mode on a PS3 game.
Infinity War was indeed a better plot than JL… But both CGI effects were TERRIBLE
Just being real here. Any other movie, I’d say the loss of all those characters was devastating.

In this case we know there’s a sequel, and that several of the characters that were lost are expected to appear/star in future movies, so we know they’ll be undone, which kind of undermines the loss of the characters.

That being said, the surviving characters don’t know that. They are feeling those losses. They are who Is devastated. They are who I’m sympathising with cheap t shirt.

The Rolling Stone Shirt

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No. Knowing there’s a sequel doesn’t negatively impact my enjoyment of the movie. I agree but you also have to consider the possibility that to bring back those characters, some of the surviving ones will have to sacrifice themselves, this time for good. Now that would be devastating cuz in that case, the characters dying would most likely be the ones we’ve spent most time with.  SPOILER ALERT Aaron Hughes remember the part where thanos is transported to another plane of existence and is talking to child gamora? Like her soul the others that were “wiped out” with the snap of his fingers were transported into the soul stone. He was always talking about being merciful with the killings and in a sence he was. And this is confirmed by the producers of the film. Why else would they have the words “Thanos will return” at the end of the movie? But just know there will be some characters that will not come back and will probably stay dead. Just because the snap may get undone doesn’t mean Thanos won’t kill more motherfuckers again afterwards. The whole thing was a let down. They tried too hard to squeeze too much in. Came off rushed and lacked the story telling of previous MCU films. U crazy if by now you are not up to date on all the movies you don’t deserve to watch this. I’m glad they went this path Disney loves having good guys win bad guys loose… About time this cliche was broken. Joshua Ricker there is more to the very end of the story. Look up how they plan to make the sequel films of the characters that died off. They did not put “Thanos will return” at the end of the movie for no reason.  Omg marvel lackeys trying to protect the movie.  ? where’s my  ?. The butthurt by marvel fanboys is better than infinity war. OMG have you even watched the previous movies
If you have and still say this, you’re just plain dumb. No he means DC but MCU is so awesome his phone automatically auto corrects DC to MCU. It made me accept it. It was pretty much the only thing that brought me out of the pit of despair *lol* I’ve already decided I’m not watching part one again until I can watch them back to back. I suck at cliffhangers and this one kicked me in the face . I grew up with Spiderman…the first movie came out when I was five and I just instantly fell in love with the character. As I told my mom after…I know he is coming back, but I still had to watch a childhood icon die.  I knew and I was still shell-shocked… I loved The Rolling Stone Shirt. I love a good twist or something I wasn’t expecting.

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