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About a year ago I discussed with Parsons the Official Skull Butterfly shirt In addition,I will do this possibility of an association with my farm here in Long Island, which is called Mama Farm. Farm-to-table cuisine, CSAs [Community Supported Agriculture], the farmers market—they had all become very popular. But there isn’t the same for fashion. So we started a program where students, especially the ones that are interested in wool,  could come and meet the sheep. We shear them and they learn the process of what to do with the wool. What I wanted to give them, what I had when I went back to university, was the ABCs—you know, you always see wool already spun, and you just think, well, what color do I like? But where does it come from? How is it done? All these things get lost. And so I wanted to give the students the possibility to come only 60 miles from New York, to talk to the sheep, and to see that some fibers on the animal are rougher, those are good for carpets, and some are very soft, those are good for sweaters. It was just to discover a world that may not seem as connected, because we always connect at the end of the process.

Official Skull Butterfly shirt

With more than 350,000 Instagram followers, the Official Skull Butterfly shirt In addition,I will do this London-based, internationally sold blog turned brand Places+Faces was set a fresh challenge this summer: how to keep transmitting its trademark globe-trotting content when globe-trotting was all but impossible?

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