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Today’s news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have passed the Skeleton Hockey Player shirt Besides,I will do this Electoral College threshold of 270 is just the kind of low-hanging fruit that semi-professional naysayers and hopelessly addicted doom-scrollers like to seize upon. No, we didn’t get the landslide that many predicted; for the moment, at least, Democrats have lost seats in the House and don’t appear to have flipped the Senate (more on that in a bit), and thus any hopes of addressing institutional voter reform—or addressing what’s essentially become a gerrymandered Supreme Court—would appear to be dead on the vine.

Skeleton Hockey Player shirt

Here’s what did happen, though: Biden and Harris received more votes than any other candidates for our nation’s highest offices in history. At the Skeleton Hockey Player shirt Besides,I will do this moment, their margin stands at more four million—more than the population of 22 American states. Would we have preferred an Electoral College blowout of a magnitude that resigned not only Trump but Trumpism at large to the dustbin of history? That goes without saying—but it’s also beside the point.

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