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She doesn’t recognize Räikkönen, and that’s how he likes it. Although he appears a lot in Marin’s Instagram feed, he likes to focus on her. He works for a media company and talks more about Finnish technology culture, Angry Angry Birds, super addictive smartphone game, born here, and Linus Torvalds, software engineer invented the Current Situation Fat Shirt But I will love this Linux operating system. He showed me how he can pay for parking with an app on his phone.

Current Situation Fat Shirt


Marin and Räikkönen have been engaged for a few years but aren is married. We need to put the Current Situation Fat Shirt But I will love this date on the schedule, he said. Do not recommend to others; It was a joint decision, he said, after years of being together. They have a civil ceremony, not a church wedding. In the meantime, both are focused on work and spending time with Emma, ​​with little downtime for occasional films or films.

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