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The book is a rare invitation into Alaïa’s inner circle. “I think it gives a glimpse into his world and his extraordinary, extraordinary vision and personality,” notes Grau. “Azzedine could have had somebody write his biography, as Chanel did. He could have written his own autobiography as Christian Dior did, or Elsa Schiaparelli, but what he did [instead] was to propose a sort of self-portrait with his friends. He was representing himself—because he intervenes in every conversation—with his community. This notion of generosity is especially poignant today.” Alaïa was devoted to fashion history, but this is no Proustian exercise on his part or on that of the Skull You See Me Happy Halloween shirt in contrast I will get this cross-generational participants, Charlotte Rampling, Jony Ive, and Julian Schnabel, among them. The designer, says Grau, spoke to him of “the need for younger generations to find their pace and their space within the pressure of the [fashion] industry and of accelerated times.”

Skull You See Me Happy Halloween shirt

Here we invite you to take a moment to consider five takeaways from the Skull You See Me Happy Halloween shirt in contrast I will get this book, offered by Grau. Set your pace The book was meant as a manifesto, but then because of Azzedine’s passing, it becomes a testament. One of the lessons of the book is not to say that everything has to be going only slowly, [but] to say that people need to be able to follow a more personal and also more creative pace than [is allowed by] the pressure that is imposed upon each of our lives—and that is definitely imposed upon fashion designers by the industry. It’s not saying that everything definitely needs to have always, in any situation, a slow place—even though it does need to have that pace quite often—but actually it is the manifesto for each and every one of us to be able to reflect and to be able to do things in a way that is fostering us rather than limiting us.

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