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The ACT of getting pregnant was fun – the whole evening was. It was Thanksgiving, we were newly engaged (but I hadn’t bought the ring yet…we were taking time to find the right one, so I wanted her to be involved in that decision), we were hosting 8 or 9 people for the first time, we were good on the food being ready on time…and nobody had arrived yet. We went at it. It was the only time we hadn’t used protection (condoms) – I could tell you what day and time she got pregnant. she and I were together another 18 months and broke up…we had postponed the wedding bc I was a bit upset, and she was also – despite the abortion being her decision. The break-up was amicable bc we took our time with one another (I think we really did great in loving and supporting one another)… and this was a long time ago. She was/is a wonderful woman, and is a great wife and mother now (wife to someone else LOL). Yes, we bought a ring, and I wanted her to keep it. Because it was simply a nice ring and not some gaudy bauble, she still wears it sometimes. No love lost. but that doctor immediately thought I was the fucking devil. I think the ex put her straight when she had the personal interview. I know she did bc she told me she made it clear that she was angling for the abortion for her own reasons. I didn’t ask her for a “play-by-play,” I simply accepted what little she told me during a stressful day. and believed her.

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I was working there as a second job for a little extra money. The boss was a sadistic super-Karen who really had it in for me, because I’d been a manager elsewhere for years and she couldn’t scare me or dominate me as easily as the others. I was cooperative. I was all about getting the job done. But when she crossed a line, I confidently stood my ground. I was well aware of what she was and was not allowed to say and do, and well aware of how far was too far with her behavior around the employees, and that made her despise me. She was excited about it when she hired me. She regretted that when she realized I wasn’t like her. But alas, she outranked me and I needed that money. So there were two occasions when she managed to humiliate me. This was the worst one. I showed up for my shift limping one morning. Of course she was as mocking, judgmental and cruel about it as she could be. I didn’t reward her with a reaction. I calmly explained that I had injured both my achilles tendons in the past, and that they had not healed well because I couldn’t take time off from work.

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