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Deeply entrenched in the Astaga Penatnya Jadi Hensem Shirt but in fact I love this LGBTQ+ community, Mischa G also wanted the space to pay homage to gay culture. She enlisted the help of visual artist and nightlife fixture Nicky Ottav to create three different colorful murals inside the space. When you walk in, New York trans icons Amanda Lepore, Candy Darling, and Darian Darling adorn the white-painted brick wall. Then, downstairs in the lower level of the space, there’s one entirely pink bathroom with a tribute to the late, legendary drag queen Divine, and one entirely green and burnt orange bathroom with a mural of country star Dolly Parton. Adjacent to the washrooms is a large room that will be home to a future photo and audio studio. “The possibilities for what the space can be used for are endless,” says Mischa G. “When we can safely gather again, I want Treehouse Social Club to become the social club spot of the East Village, a place that people want to come back to for future art shows, backyard performances, film screenings, creative talks, karaoke parties, and mini gay discos.”

Astaga Penatnya Jadi Hensem Shirt

Much as she did with Treehouse Social Club, Mischa G bridges the Astaga Penatnya Jadi Hensem Shirt but in fact I love this past and the present in her directional, highly individual cuts and styling. Think: Blunt bobs, punk pixies, and feathery shags. “I’ve never been one to follow trends or what’s trendy at the moment, I prefer to take the classics and morph them to work for the person in my chair,” she explains. “It’s about evoking feelings of the past with well-curated vintage looks, and keeping it feeling present for the person’s individuality.” A bright spot in an otherwise dark time, Treehouse Social Club is already helping revitalize the downtown New York scene, giving the city’s nostalgic cool young things choppy mullets and vivid dye jobs for their return on said scene, whenever that may be.

Astaga Penatnya Jadi Hensem Shirt Hoodie

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