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“During the Logo NBA Vote shirt besides I will buy this lockdown, it’s like you’re wondering what the neighbors are doing. I could actually see people across the building. Slowly,” Goom Heo chuckled, “the idea came up that I would think about voyeurism as a theme.” Heo, who’s in her second Fashion East season, has a sense of humor. The Korean designer, who graduated from Central Saint Martins M.A. in 2019, had an Instagram account named Goom Is Watching You back then. Part of her new collection has embroideries of her own eyes on it, complete with fringed eyelashes. “There are some playful bits, yes!” she agreed.

Logo NBA Vote shirt

What she does is more intriguing than straight-up funny, though. She dresses men, with an offbeat eye for color, texture, and drape. And when they walk, her garments often take on a whole new life in movement. This season, she’s been concentrating on the Logo NBA Vote shirt besides I will buy this male torso, cropping jersey tops or tightly swathing them, and leaving fabric to flow to the ground on one side.

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