Forget this place shirt

They tried. They made Java and a number of other languages. Then they found out Forget this place shirt, hey, it doesn’t solve the problem we first wanted it to solve, like running on very low powered devices, and it ran so slowly on large devices, and it then was supposed to run everywhere, and sure you could argue (wrongly) that it did, no one likes it and it looks bad. Then one device decides to use it for its main language, gets very popular, but that thing it was made for, to run everywhere is no longer there, that programming language is compiled to a native binary. So in the end, it solved no problems and solved them badly, and we are stuck with it. Word Perfect, Novell, Netscape, and many other companies bit the bullet and made their main products in Java for example, and all of them were dreadful buggy, and bad, and all of them got hurt very badly that ultimately they went down in flames. Of course, Java was not the main reason, just one in a large line of bad decisions. That someone, in the beginning, did not say, hey, this is so slow, so buggy we should abandon this, they seemed to have doubled down. No, I am not just picking on Java, it found its niche, finally. The same story goes for many different languages, though just Java was there at the right time and right place to be carefully documented, that’s the only reason why I pick on it.

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Forget this place shirt

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You can exchange Java in the above short story with any number of languages you have never heard about, we have so many such languages. ADA is another popular one. When you make something that solves all problems, you end up with solving each problem badly. This is like one person being a carpenter, electrician, plumber, programmer, architect, interior decorator, marriage counselor, radio DJ, and toilet cleaner as his main focus, and he should also have other hobbies. There are just so many problems out there, that there is no single solution for. Same goes for pretty much everything. There is no super medication that fixes everything. Sikaflex is not perfect for everything, WD 40 actually is not good at everything and I could go on, and we are stuck with Java. The Spaniards brought about their language and religion. They forced conversion as part of the Spanish Inquisition and as a result, the Catholic majority population except for Mindanao which was not colonized by the Spaniards. The language was forced but only upon the elites. It was the language of administration and the courts. The majority of the Filipinos did not learn Spanish and religion preached by Spanish missionaries was conveyed in local languages. In essence, the poor were isolated from politics as they themselves did not speak the lingua franca. Not to mention, slavery existed which led to further rifts between the Filipinos and the Spanish colonial masters.


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