Funny Trumpet T-shirt – Trumpet The Pyramid Of Sound Shirt

Funny Trumpet T-shirt – Trumpet The Pyramid Of Sound Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

The Funny Trumpet T-shirt – Trumpet The Pyramid Of Sound Shirt! I’m here to shoot. It’s 3:30 p.m. on a Friday last January, in Los Angeles – specifically Culver City. I am in a freezing studio on the Sony block. I love to say “on Sony a lot.” I was on a Sony lot, in a studio and it was freezing cold. But I’m grateful for this temperature. My skin lay on a sea of ​​boiling sweat. I am usually a boat on this sea. A friend once looked at my wedding photo and asked if I was thrown into a cliff – you know, one of those weddings. No, just old sweat. My friend is silent. I am not married anymore. I have three children: a boy, a girl, and a girl, eighteen, seventeen, and twelve. My parents have been married for over fifty years. My father passed away 5 years ago. In the end, he became panicked from each chill and practically lived with an oxygen meter in his index finger.

My marriage fell apart a few months after his death. It’s sad and painful, Pat, and thank goodness it’s been so much better. But I’m telling myself because Pat Sajak hasn’t entered this freezing studio in the Sony neighborhood of Culver City. I stood in front of the wheel while Pat was in the dressing room, wearing a Thursday suit and the Funny Trumpet T-shirt – Trumpet The Pyramid Of Sound Shirt! We are relaxing our spinning arms as the two contestants prepare for us, their eyes between frantic and calm. It seemed that an airplane door had opened and the next twenty minutes was ten thousand feet below. They told us to have fun. They asked us to clap without clapping because clapping can actually disturb the sound. They asked us to smile and stand upright and speak out loud and clear and memorize the used alphabet and on Free Play call a vowel and buy the vowel when you can, and oh, have fun, there It’s important, Mark, David, Cyndi, be cheerful and be yourself.

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