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This is the match where the Warriors have a very important comeback of Klay Thompson after the player has to quit game 3 because of a hamstring injury. Thompson played very well today with 28 points and had 6 successful 3 points. Stephen Curry was tired of this match when he scored 27 points but only 9/22 successful throws of which 2 of 9 3 points hit.
In addition to Thompson, this match Warriors also welcomes the sudden return of Kev. On the day when the Warriors kept doubleing Leonard, the other Raptors had plenty of space and Serge Ibaka made good use of this. Ibaka had 20 points from 9/12 successes after only 22 minutes to play from the bench.

This is a match where the Warriors have started better, but the Raptors boom in the third half has turned the game around. In this half, Raptors scored 37 points compared to just 21 points for Warriors. The visitors fully controlled the game in the last two rounds to win the final.

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