The Grandmas Knit Real Grandmas Listen To The Beatles T-shirt and Hoodie

The Grandmas Knit Real Grandmas Listen To The Beatles T-shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

The Grandmas Knit Real Grandmas Listen To The Beatles T-shirt! The ones handling the contestant were almost mystically optimistic as if they had cut the rainbow and snorted with its brightly colored lines before. The wind seemed to blow through their hair as they warmed our voices by asking us to shout random letters. T! N! R! S! They remind us to reach the handlebars with a few spokes to the right of the wheel and close to the top with a raised thumb. Apparently, they saw the accident. Probably the disasters. Contestants are thrown to the wheel, nailed, nailed, crushed. This multicolored grinding wheel weighs more than a ton. All jewelry has been removed from our crank. I imagine myself slipping forward and becoming a dumb version of the Vitruvian Man, walking around. Just remember to buy vowels. And clap your hands without clapping your hands.


The makeup man came for the final make-up. She is wearing a parka shirt and mittens. She dipped a brush in the mysterious powder and woke me up again. I love this woman. Just now, in the hair and makeup room, she punched my always tired eyes. I seem to be keeping an eye on my father. Like soft boiled egg cups. And she cut a couple of hair wigs on my eyebrows and the Grandmas Knit Real Grandmas Listen To The Beatles T-shirt! I am fifty-two years old this year. I flew yesterday. Many other male contestants joked while sitting in the hair and makeup chair. They ordered mascara or blush with a theatrical look. Or if they go bald, they ask for curling. I always try to avoid my gaze in the mirror. I’m not good at looking at myself. I see every error. Any bumps and blemishes and rashes. I lowered my eyes as if I was overcoming a potential spoiler.

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