Green lungs shirt

Every day I work it is reinforced that I am a technician other technicians go to, and I can’t afford to have a device with Wireless Mobile Internet. This is supposed to impress me? Yay. To me, it is like asking the Green lungs shirt so you should to go to store and get this maid who cleans your toilets to be impressed with the new seat warming and butt cleaning technologies introduced into your toilet. Drones… I remember when we called them “RC Helicopters”. Now I have to worry about every jackass and his brother buying a drone and flying it around my house. Oh… and is some conspiracy nut going to shoot it down? Or is the operator of the drone scanning WiFi in the area, mapping what’s available and capturing packets?

Maybe the Green lungs shirt so you should to go to store and get this operator is looking to video people doing things they want to keep private? What’s next… people using drones to drop IEDs on the neighbors they are angry at? I can’t wait for that news story. You can also use ‘blown away’ to mean absolutely astonished, so there is a small chance the first sentence could mean “everyone watching the astonishing thing was at a loss for words from their position atop the bridge connecting the cities” in context, though it would be an unusual phrasing. Pelosi, instead of remaining quiet, made a faux show of extending her hand to Trump’s back, mimed discord while he was speaking, and pre-ripped his speech so she could do a Three Stooges routine as he ended. And the folks in white suits refused to stand for even a second, making one think that others in white suits would soon come to take them away.

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