I Hit The Gym Because Hitting People Is Forbidden Shirt

I Hit The Gym Because Hitting People Is Forbidden Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

I Hit The Gym Because Hitting People Is Forbidden Shirt! As a former female horse and top champion of the Accelerated Reader program in elementary school, learning about Caitlin Gooch and her nonprofit Saddle Up and Read was one of the bright spots of 2020 for me. . Who among us doesn’t dream of owning a horse, galloping in the sunset with bouncing hair? Admittedly I signed up for Horse Illustrated magazine as a young teenager and bought a brush for a horse that I definitely didn’t have to prove to my parents that I was responsible enough to keep one. the one in our suburban small backyard. Alas, all my faint horse-themed Lisa Frank notebooks, t-shirts, and posters had to satisfy my obsession until I was old enough to learn a few lessons on my own. Caitlin Gooch is a 28-year-old black cowboy, businessman, wife, mother, children’s literacy advocate, and author. She is from Wendell, North Carolina but currently lives in Chesapeake Virginia, where her husband is stationed in the army.

Gooch has three kids, three dogs, a rabbit, and eight horses … while still managing to make a three-hour drive from Virginia to North Carolina to her father’s horse ranch almost every weekend, where she runs Saddle Up and Read. She also teaches horse riding lessons and helps maintain the farm. Saddle Up and Read was created by Gooch and founded in 2017 as a direct way to help increase children’s literacy rates in North Carolina and I Hit The Gym Because Hitting People Is Forbidden Shirt! Gooch grew up on the farm, tending to her family’s horses, and entered trail races every weekend as a child. An avid reader, Gooch has finally coordinated local events where she can read to children at the Wendell Community Library. She told the kids about her family’s horse ranch and her long riding history and learned about them over the years. This inevitably resulted in the kids asking to see the pictures of her horses she talked about, and she quickly saw how responsive they were to the subject. It inspired her to incorporate both reading and horses as a therapeutic approach for children to increase their literacy skills.

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