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As the Justin Mason Forever T-Shirt in other words I will buy this story goes, John Everett Millais had Siddal float in a bathtub while posing as Ophelia, the ill-fated Hamlet character. With endless hours spent in cold bathwater, Siddal’s health began to fail. Her husband, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, also a Pre-Raphaelite painter, romanized her pallor and frailty, seeing her more as a muse than a woman. Though Siddal was also a painter, her artistic talents have been eclipsed by her representation as a doomed maiden and eventually, her own actual suicide. In Uklanski’s painting, Siddal is lying in the grass, color in her cheeks.

Justin Mason Forever T-Shirt

The Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood was a late-19th-century, seven-member artistic group who set themselves apart with sublimely romantic subject matters. The women in their paintings, the Justin Mason Forever T-Shirt in other words I will buy this Pre-Raphaelite muses—or “stunners,” as they are now known—were depicted with flowing hair and Medieval-esque garbs. Uklanksi’s work offers a new take on those silent, subservient stunners who modeled for the Pre-Raphaelites and whose stories were often overshadowed by those of the men who painted them.

Justin Mason Forever T-Shirt Hoodie

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