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Peace Love Crimson Tide Shirt

At the same time that Hoy is entrenched in the Peace Love Crimson Tide Shirt scene in Denmark, she remains engaged with what’s happening in the States. “I’ve been really worried about America,” she says. “I’ve always resonated with the idea that artists have a particular responsibility to influence society and do political work through creation and/or activism. At its core, performing arts is communal, and we often have a platform to speak from. I’ve always sought out ways to push my involvement, and use my voice.” Spurred to action, she’s become the chair of the first Democrats Abroad local Black Caucus chapter in Denmark, which she sees as another way of fostering community. “Political work demands community,” she says. Especially right now. No matter which part of the globe you inhabit, the upcoming U.S. Presidential election is a crucial one.

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