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Nguyen’s edge is that she’s hyper-selective about those partnerships—you won’t see her promoting gummy vitamins anytime soon—and is committed to a less-is-more wardrobe; she has an IGTV series called Perfect Wardrobe wherein she discusses the San Diego snell shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this merits of investing in timeless staples. She probably moves more product than the influencer who posts a new #Gifted ’gram a day, often with a random mix of designers and vibes. “I say no to a lot of people,” Nguyen says. “You have to have a clear vision and know who you are. I always ask myself, Will I wear that [gifted item] again? Will it stay with me for a long time? Would I buy it myself in the store? There is just so much out there, and you have to take away the noise and really pinpoint what your style is.”

San Diego snell shirt

“Just like a really good store, influencers have to be very careful about ensuring they have an honest point of view,” adds Tibi’s AmySan Diego snell shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this Smilovic. “Bigger stores went down because they tried to be something to everyone. Influencers have to distinguish who they work with based on whether or not it fits their style.”

San Diego snell s Hoodie

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