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I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt ladies V Neck Shirt

I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt
I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt

Millionaires are NOT the problem…Bernie is not hoarding billions in off-shore accounts thereby sucking the economy dry. His tiny little 2 million accumulated after he and his wife worked their entire adult lives and he I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt book is peanuts to those who truly do hurt our economy with their ceaseless greed! He is not some mega-corp tearing up our infra-structure, dumping employee support and healthcare on us, etc. Discernment is a wonderful tool,,.if you can’t see the difference, at least be smart enough to remove yourself from the discussion.

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It’s not that people hate those who work hard getting rich, it’s when they’re do rich that they’re throwing away money on stuff they don’t need or have so much they literally couldn’t spend it all, while their employees are working for less than it takes to sustain them and their families.  The system is rigged! I spent 10 years in the USAF and 20 years as a juvenile detention officer! Because I’m Pers (2) I can’t use any of my military time towards my civilian retirement! Also I only get a partial retirement in a physical job like this because I’m only 55 years old! They want you to work 40 years for a full retirement! The people that say work for it is a bunch of bull!

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