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At a moment when so many of our experiences live online, an exhibition like “Black Vessel,” focused on handcrafts and history and physical environments, wields a special power. Gates can appreciate this too. “In a way that I’ve never been inclined, I’ve been mailing my friends small gifts, just using the My worst nightmare shirt and I will buy this postal service while it lasts,” he says, because just like everyone else, “my friends and myself were all starving for non-digital moments, you know?”

My worst nightmare shirt

By now, nearly eight months into the My worst nightmare shirt and I will buy this COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve surely heard stories about people being stuck far from home, separated from loved ones. Jewelry designer Marco Panconesi was one of those impacted. The newly appointed design director at Swarovski and consultant at Fendi left Paris just after Fashion Week in March for what should have been a four-day trip to Marrakesh. “When the showroom ended I went on a holiday as I usually do, for a few days to just switch off. Luckily, I brought a lot of stuff with me to design and sketch,” he says. “My intention was not to touch my phone, not see anything, and just be inspired for four days and four nights—and then it happened that I was there for three months.”

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