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For a long time, conversations around mental illness have been shrouded in stigma and shame. But more and more, we’re having open discussions about anxiety and depression at every level. Today there are countless platforms and communities dedicated to discussing mental health, along with accessible resources for those who are seeking help. Being transparent and honest (by no means an easy task) about how we are coping mentally is crucial to dismantling archaic attitudes surrounding the Official mama bear vintage sunset shirt Also,I will get this issue. So in order to help further the conversation, Vogue spoke to 16 models, designers, and creatives about their mental health journeys and how they practice self-care, from Marc Jacobs’s longtime collaborator and designer Ava Nirui and activist Munroe Bergdorf to models Dilone and Slick Woods.“Self-care has an endless definition for me. It could be adjusting boundaries with relationships or even with yourself to establish what you feel is healthy. It could be just watering your flowers, cleaning the house, taking a long bath, or wearing your favorite shoes. Early in developing my relationship with mental health, I obsessed over ways to fix myself, become normal, and ‘behave.’ Now my relationship with my mental health is more like a marriage; it’s about compromise. I allow myself to feel it when I’m overwhelmed and trust myself to come out through the end of the tunnel“I can get so creatively charged when designing, running around with sequins, sewing, and answering emails and calls—I start feeling myself shake and feel anxiety creeping in. I’ve struggled a lot of my life, and to this day, I get anxiety and panic attacks. My relationship [with mental health] has gotten better as I’ve learned to cope with it, which means meditating in the morning for 10 minutes. It’s about being able to disconnect and identify when I need to give myself a bit of love.”“Practicing self-love means doing something that evokes a positive emotion in yourself, whether that be via meditation, affirmation, respite or any other way of sparking joy, serenity, or healing for yourself and yourself only.

Official mama bear vintage sunset shirt

“When my mind is good, it’s the Official mama bear vintage sunset shirt Also,I will get this most exciting, special, and wondrous place to roam. When it’s bad, it’s the worst. Writing, especially journaling, is an outlet I use a lot—walking too. Movement calms my mind and I surround myself with tangible things that touch all my senses. A small cry here and there is normal and we shouldn’t be ashamed—I’m getting more comfortable with tears. Therapy is a must too; it’s the kindest thing for you and those around you.”“Self-care is the practice of self-love, forgiveness, healing, and spirituality. Allowing yourself to fail, grow, and evolve. I’ve always struggled with mental health and anxiety since high school. I had to go deep within to free myself of past trauma and oppression; I’m still figuring it out. But I know ever since I made the choice to grow and evolve mentally, I’ve attracted love, liberation, and people who mean so much to me.”“It’s really important to make your home feel like a sacred place. I like finding a ritualistic and calming side to every day, so I’ll often cook with my boyfriend, and I have a beautiful diffuser that my auntie got me, which has different essential oils. It makes my room smell lovely before going to bed. Also, I have different loose-leaf teas from a variety of places.”“Catering to myself in the most compassionate and nonjudgmental way is an act of self-care. I took six months off from work because I was having bad panic attacks and wasn’t able to show up with depression and suicidal thoughts creeping in. I was on medication and was misdiagnosed a few times; I even had an allergic reaction to one drug that nearly developed into Steven-Johnson syndrome [a serious skin disorder].“Medication didn’t heal me: It helped me function so I could heal myself with help—whether that be by drinking a glass of water, meditating, practicing kundalini [a form of yoga], going for a run, taking a bath, sleeping—so much of my anxiety goes away with a few days of proper rest. Today, I am off medication with the understanding that I could go back on it, and I am okay with that.”

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