It’s time to eat Larry don’t eat larry use a comma CommasSaveLives shirt

It’s time to eat Larry don’t eat larry use a comma CommasSaveLives shirt

I think this is something that isn’t looked into often in our very worried, doom and gloom approaches to predicting the future. We see it in our world outlooks, from announcing the coming apocalypse to total economic meltdown to a complete music industry collapse; we tend to come to very drastic conclusions, but what’s generally missing is leaving space for the possibility that we’re learning. That we’re changing. I personally think that more and more of us, not all of us, but more of us, are coming around to placing a stronger appreciation on the arts, and we’re spending money to support the artists we love and respect. We see the value of their contribution. The methods in which we support them will change over time, but the underlying love and respect will bring artist and listener together in co-creation for a long time yet. Things will keep getting better in that regard. Many will go the streaming route, but if everything tends to come up Spotify-esque (ripping off artists), I think that streaming, too, will lose popularity and more people will migrate towards a direct relationship with the artist. Direct buying is the future, because the companies have mishandled themselves and abused public trust. Direct buying satisfies the feeling of trust and support, and it also genuinely helps the artist in a verifiable way. Full circle right back to DIY. More illusions from the past will be washed away.

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It’s time to eat Larry don’t eat larry use a comma CommasSaveLives shirt

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I also need help finding this song. I used to wake up on a regular to watch vh1 jump start and some of the songs they played were either fresh out and didnt get attention or popular present and new songs. It was between 2011–2012 and it came out around the same time never again by grace potter and the nocturnals. It also gave off that same vibe. I can’t remember the tune but it’s in black and white, a guy is singing, it’s kind of upbeat but chill, and in the video it looks like a woman is running from someone and every time she does something 2-3 other women do it as well like an echo. Things in the video happen by 3s, theres a triangle involved. In this type of ME culture, people are more reluctant to put other people on pedestals. The consequence is the decline of the rock star and the rise of the reality TV star, which implies it is basically only about the image. The music takes a back seat. So when the people won’t buy music, the record industry has to respond by pumping stars with an image. Then the quality goes down because the art has been taken out of music and the only thing that remains is commerce. In essence, songs nowadays are not a true expression, it is assembled by multiple writers. With carefully written lyrics and hooks the subject matter is designed to appeal to the ME culture. That is, “Your’e worth it baby”, “It’s all about you”. A pop hit is usually manufactured! The old industry existed because the budget was big! They signed you, invested millions in you to promote you (just like movie promotion) and did everything for you. That doesn’t happen anymore. The industry isn’t making money.

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