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Rashad debated releasing music into such a preoccupied world, but ultimately decided it was the Official among us christmas character shirt but in fact I love this right thing to do: “I have this piece I put all the light I have into, so I was like, ‘Why wait to share that?’ If there’s ever a time to share whatever you have that might bring some balance, it’s now, and my contribution happens to be all virtual—it felt weird to wait until it was a better time for me to release the song if it could potentially bring a smile to somebody, or remind them of someone, or let them groove for a second.” Although Rashad has built an extensive acting résumé, performing everywhere from Lynn Nottage’s Pulitzer Prize–winning Off-Broadway hit Ruined to the Showtime series Billions, she still thinks of herself primarily as a “musician who acts,” saying: “My first expression as an artist was music. I trained as a classical pianist, starting at age four or five, and growing up I listened to more music than I watched films; even now, music is my heartbeat. I’ve been a songwriter since I can remember, but people don’t know that about me, which gave me the opportunity to quietly build this EP the way I wanted to without having anyone expect anything from me.”

Official among us christmas character shirt

Mert Alas understands the Official among us christmas character shirt but in fact I love this power of images. As one half of the duo Mert and Marcus, Alas has helped to shape the look of modern fashion photography. The pair’s signature aesthetic—surreal perfection, saturated colors, and in-your-face attitude—has been featured on numerous Vogue covers, in ads for the likes of Versace and Burberry, and on the album art of stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and Madonna. Years of groundbreaking image-making came to an abrupt halt this March when Alas, like millions of others, found himself on lockdown in Europe. After weeks of seeing grim reports and updates from Italy, the hardest hit nation on the continent, Alas wanted to create something that could lift spirits and inspire those who have been trapped at home. “I thought what could I do that can get people away from the TV, YouTube, and the constant breaking news,” he shared on the phone from London. “Just for a little while, it would be cool to get people out of their pajamas. To be able to move around and do something with their creative minds that takes them away from reality for a short period.”

Official among us christmas character s Unisex Hoodie

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