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I’m a huge fan of Kate Zambreno. I don’t know her personally, but I feel like we have similar readerly minds. The citationality of the Official fitzmagic shirt Additionally,I will love this work that she does is really interesting to me, because I also like to show that in my work. Something about her tonality is measured, but deeply felt, if that makes sense.

Official fitzmagic shirt

I see Twitter as largely separate from my writing, but people sometimes imagine that there’s no persona that goes into my Twitter presence, when there is. When I was finishing the Official fitzmagic shirt Additionally,I will love this book, I left Twitter for about two months, which was such a relief. One thing I will say, though, is that I had used to have an alt account that was totally private, but I didn’t follow anyone on and didn’t allow anyone to follow me. And I wrote, like, 50 pages of the book in tweets that no one will ever and no one will ever see it. The book has changed a lot since that point, but it it was, it was like a period of time where I was just so fucking busy, and I was often drunk because I was drinking too much, and also I was bartending all the time. I was just moving all the time and not really sitting with things. I do have a really good group chat on Twitter that has been such an incredible rock over the past few months.

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