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Still, the 33 Max Verstappen signature shirt and by the same token and in-flux state of the app has the internet buzzing—especially the creators on TikTok, many of whom have built up millions of followers on the app and have created full-time careers as influencers as a result. Some of the most followed TikTok stars now have agency representation and major brand deals, such as Noen Eubanks, who recently starred in a Celine campaign. With TikTok potentially gone, so would be their main livelihood. Should a nationwide ban of TikTok occur, it won’t happen as soon as you think. This weekend, Trump walked back his original statement and is now allowing Microsoft some time to pursue talks with TikTok. The tech company will negotiate with TikTok until September 15, and if it decides to purchase and acquire the service, it can continue to operate in the U.S. as normal under the new ownership.

33 Max Verstappen signature shirt

Creators have begun acknowledging the 33 Max Verstappen signature shirt and by the same token and possible ban in their own ways. The majority have posted fun, lighthearted posts about the situation and don’t seem too concerned about its vanishing—yet. Addison Rae, who has more than 50 million followers on the app, jokingly posted a video of herself knocking on the doors of Louisiana State University. (She quit her studies there after focusing on TikToking full-time.) Wisdom Kaye, one of TikTok’s best-dressed guys, also posted a video that reads, “Even if TikTok goes, me and my looks will always be here.” Most of these creators agree that there is too much of an audience and a following on TikTok for it to be abandoned completely. “It’s a little scary, but I don’t think TikTok is going anywhere,” creator Xowie Jones, who has more than 4 million followers, tells Vogue. “Some changes might need to be made, but too many people love it.”

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