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Let’s Talk About Six Baby Shirt ladies V Neck Shirt

Let's Talk About Six Baby Shirt
Let’s Talk About Six Baby Shirt

Georgia Longacker Hallenbeck Some people just don’t understand what it’s like to be homeless. It can happen to anyone; but definitely not something I wish upon anyone. But there has to be a change. I have a vision & I am researching as how best to implement my Let’s Talk About Six Baby Shirt. One of my ‘Sisters’ at church along w/her husband, children, sister, and volunteers feed the homeless in DC once or twice a month. That’s great. But the homeless need so much more than just a meal once or twice a month. It is my hope, prayer, and vision to provide affordable housing, education, life skills, etc to the homeless so (they) can regain his/her independence and re-acclimate to society. The US is the richest country in America; and no one should be homeless. Period.

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Anouk Jinde the sad thing is that we Germans were forced to invent a health and social service by the US after WW2. We pay a certain amount taxes and 16% health insurance and that actually gives us a 95% safety to prevent those situations, sadly also we have homeless, our system can’t serve everyone, even it should. Mostly analphabetic or some older people who have rebuilt Germany are now on the end of this social network, so even we have to improve to become better in those situations. Good thing is that every Let’s Talk About Six Baby Shirt no matter race or religion gets food packages worth 1 week meals for 1Euro if needed, so at least we can take their hunger. Debbie, your testimony is so inspiring to me. I have fortunately not had to deal with homelessness but I live in the Bay Area where most people are just a step above it. I want to help in some way but don’t have money to hand out to everyone, nor do I have the means to start any kind of organization.

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