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I think it’s time to go back to real values and authenticity. I’d like to think that this Official Buffalo Bills NFL Shirt Apart from…,I will love this terrible time we’re all going through will give way to a new renaissance, one that will speak of quality and respect. For years we’ve lived a sort of bulimia—for collections, for products, for things. But it’s time to give new meaning to our work. I think we’ll come out of this stronger, especially in our values and convictions. We’ll start anew on more solid ground, with a more responsible mindset, more awareness, and a more pragmatic attitude. Fashion needs, more than ever, a new, more responsible way forward.

Official Buffalo Bills NFL Shirt

As for the Official Buffalo Bills NFL Shirt Apart from…,I will love this future of shows in general, I still think they’re here to stay as an important moment of connection and sharing, an emotional celebration of our industry’s collective work. I hope that in 2021 we’ll be able to enjoy football games, fashion shows, concerts, and music festivals again. We’ll be appreciating life to the full. We’re creatively working on an exciting digital project, a virtual showroom complementing our actual sales showroom. This new digital space will be an evolution of what we’ve been already experimenting with digitally in February. It won’t be only a technical project; it’ll be really experiential and layered, visually beautiful and engaging.

Official Buffalo Bills NFL Shirt hoodie


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