Lollipopz Merch Shirt

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Since we have mirrors when boxing, I can see my breasts (lol) when I do high impact parts of training. They move more than they do in my sports bra, but very little so. I feel supported, and it seems that feeling is a fact. Now, there are other sports crop tops that share the Lollipopz Merch Shirt moreover I love this same structure, but I think the winning factor for this is design. Because it has two colors on the front, it doesn’t look like a big strip of fabric.

Lollipopz Merch Shirt


Naturally, anything that supports very high needs a solid coverage, but often that means you look like a giant. I really like the Lollipopz Merch Shirt moreover I love this design on the front, because it gives a bit of structure to the bra, so it doesn’t have that visual effect. I will buy this? Damn it’s cuter than my heavy sports bra and works for every low-impact medium. I would probably risk high impact sports, but for most of what I do is not impactful, it’s a great investment.

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