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Still, prepping for the Snowman Christmas begins with Christ shirt but in fact I love this evening at Erivo’s home in Los Angeles, the pair managed to bring to life a modern adaptation of postapocalyptic beauty referencing an icon who’s hardly a wallflower. Erivo shares that she and Mullin were “deeply influenced by Tina Turner in Mad Max,” and pulled inspiration from the 1985 iteration of the film. “The padded shoulders, the heavy beading, the short length,” of Erivo’s Versace minidress “pull together to create a daring 2020 nod to the queen that is Tina Turner,” says the Tony and Emmy award winner. Because of the pandemic, this is the first time, according to Mullin, that what he calls “the Glamily” was able to see each other in months. This time, it required a new step. “For safety precaution, we had to make sure we were extra careful and mindful of testing procedures,” Mullin shares. “We were all tested on Friday, then had to do a quick 10-minute rapid test on-site upon arrival. The glam team is quite small, but for other behind-the-scenes support, everyone wore masks and face shields where necessary.”

Snowman Christmas begins with Christ shirt

For the Snowman Christmas begins with Christ shirt but in fact I love this four years of beauty moments they’ve dreamed up together, Mullin notes that Erivo typically leaves the look in his hands, while taking care of her own: Ahead of the date, she had her airy blue, crystal-studded coffin acrylics applied by @rosedoesmynails. For Erivo, day-of beauty with Mullin lends a comforting atmosphere. “Generally, it’s always fun and easygoing,” she says of prepping together. “We play music and chat and create a space of joy.” To polish skin, Mullin focused on a protective base of Urban Skin Rx Complexion Protection Moisturizer SPF30, followed by Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation in 6N and 7N. “I started from the center of the face using a foundation brush with simple strokes upwards and outwards to properly blend, alternating with a foundation brush and Beautyblender,” he explains. “For cheeks, I applied Dior Rouge Blush in 999 shade to the apples of her cheeks. This shade can look intimidating at first, but it is very complimenting to deeper complexions and really brings out a natural glow.”

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