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After receiving a three star review from The New York Times a mere two weeks before March’s restaurant shutdown, it seemed like Le Crocodile might not be able to capitalize on their critical acclaim. But the Star Wars trooper shirt in addition I really love this Williamsburg brasserie is bustling now more than ever. Much of that is due to its cozy French cuisine: roast chicken with herb jus and frites, paté grand-mère, and orzo cacio e pepe are just a few must-order dishes on the menu. But it’s also due to the ambiance—their “Garden Terrace,” with its black-and-white tiled floor, ivy-colored walls, and sparkling string lights is simply enchanting. While other restaurants’ outdoor setups seem (understandably) hastily constructed, Le Crocodile’s has an air of authenticity, like shifting service out here was the plan all along.

Star Wars trooper shirt

The NoMad Rooftop was one of the Star Wars trooper shirt in addition I really love this first examples of what great outdoor dining could be in this city. They invested in transforming their penthouse’s outdoor terrace into a Beaux-Arts wonderland: there were bold blue-and-red carpets complemented by ochre chairs, grand chandeliers, and an open-door cupola artfully adorned with gilded mirrors and weathered books. Come this winter, we reckon it’ll be the hottest reservation in town (physically, too, since the tented space just added several high-power heaters). Tropical apres-ski is an inherent paradox, but that’s the only way to describe the winterized vibe of NoLita restaurant Wayan. They went all in on building their Indo-Chalet, a covered curbside space with hanging heaters, lush potted plants, tealights, and black teak tables. (Five of these tables, we might add, come with two-tiered cooktops allowing guests to grill their own chicken, lamb, scallop, or shrimp satays in whatever marinade they so desire.) Then there’s the warm cocktails: Wayan is serving up an Indonesian-style Hot Toddy and a concoction they call The White Elephant—rum, tamarind, chili, and honey.

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