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Mood It’s Above Me Now Shirt Ladies V Neck Shirt

Mood It's Above Me Now Shirt
Mood It’s Above Me Now Shirt

I’ve been working the jobs that most don’t want to do for 30 years only to get a Mood It’s Above Me Now Shirt retirement! I’m taking the partial because I’m burnt the hell out!!  I worked about 25 years and paid into social security but I worked 19 years for a government that opted out, so my SS calculated on the 25 years – so it was small – was cut another 40% because I worked for a place that didn’t pay in. I’ve never understood how that was remotely fair. If I had just worked those 25 years and not the other 19 years I would have a lot more . Nicole Phyllis I live paycheck to paycheck. 20 yrs ago I bought 5 acres of cheap land and started building on it 7 yrs ago.

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I have a cabin on it now about 60% done, enough to be functional. Because the land was cheap and I bought building materials as I could afford them, both are paid off and I owe nothing on them. If the economy were to collapse, I have a Mood It’s Above Me Now Shirt position where I can live if I need to. Currently I rent where I live because I can’t afford to buy a house. You don’t need a cabin in the mountains to have a fall back position though, it could be an RV. There are other options as well, like pooling your resources with friends or family as an example. But to say you don’t have the means and just throw your hands up in the air and say oh well; is just inviting yourself for difficulty later. If you don’t have a plan, then you’re powerless and at the mercy of circumstance.

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