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On Adopt-A-Native-Elder’s website, you can browse a shoppable marketplace of works created by Navajo elders, including rugs, jewelry, baskets, and more. There are handwoven rugs that double as art pieces, turquoise squash blossom necklaces, and beaded bracelets. The offering is special enough on its own, allowing people from all over the world to support Native artists, but it’s the organization’s Instagram page that is truly captivating. On its Instagram page, Adopt-A-Native-Elder spotlights the elders themselves, putting a face to the people behind these intricate pieces. In one post, for instance, elder Rena Robertson holds up a handwoven rug that depicts imagery of the Bluebird Tree of Life. “In the Navajo culture, bluebirds are messengers from the Elders,” the post reads. “In this rug you will see the corn stalk growing from the ceremonial basket, representing the sacred nature of corn, because it feeds the people.” In other posts, elders such as Mae Dick pose with the yarn bundles that have been donated to them, dressed in their finest babushkas.

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