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Official I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt

I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt
I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt

So a couple of times you prayed and your prayers came true, which is the I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt why you believe. And then other times you prayed but it doesn’t work? How do you know praying for the end of hunger wouldn’t work, have you tried it? Why would God help some people out–with relatively minor requests–and not stop the suffering of the many starving, innocent children? Surely, if all believers would choose to pray for it to end, after a while their would be heard! Just consider how the few prayers that were granted to you were wasted, if they could have ended hunger…

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I always find it intriguing that people think it’s OK to criticise someone’s faith but get offended when a Christian even comments on secularism. I find it even more intriguing that the same I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt will accept what they see as a more exotic faith but see Christianity as a kind of intellectual laziness. My problems with Christianity (and many other big religions) is that they all demand to be holders of the “real, full truth”. If you don’t believe, you deserve often death (according to the books) and are denied entry to paradise, just to scare you into believing. I find the thinking to be holder of the real knowledge arrogant at best, there are literally 1000s of different religions and many of them demand for themselves to be the truth. Which is why I distance myself from those.

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