Peaceminusone Shirt – Prisoner – Miley Cyrus x Dua Lipa shirt

But Adetokunbo-Taiwo, determined to offer her peers a leg up in a field where she’s carved out her own success, hasn’t stopped there. Having also founded de Sedulous Women Leaders, a mentorship, training and coaching initiative for women entrepreneurs in her hometown of rural Grande Prairie, Alberta, the “empowerment program” now has sister chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and even Surrey, U.K., with two more in development in Saskatchewan and British Columbia.The goal is to raise a tribe of women leaders across Canada with significant emphasis on immigrant Black women,” Adetokunbo-Taiwo shares. “I am a strong believer that when a successful woman shares her hustling business journey with others, the storytelling creates an inspiration that can elevate other women to want to discover more of their potential and skills. The platform is quickly becoming a movement. My mantra is always ‘see you at the top—the place where we all belong.

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