Peaceminusone Shirt – San Francisco 49ers Champion Rice Montana Young shirt

I became a part of [Dose & Co.] because when I got pregnant, I obsessed over “How am I going to make this earth better? And how am I going to make myself better now that I have a kid?” You go down these rabbit holes. I really wanted to fix myself from the inside out. Someone told me about doing collagen powders once I was done being pregnant. Dose and Co has such pure, impressive ingredients. The amount of collagen grams was totally different than some of the others on the market. I love the price point, but the selling point was that the packaging is all plastic free. We definitely have a lot more time [in quarantine] to just pamper ourselves. I swear my hair was in conditioning masks for maybe a week straight. You have more time to make your routine and make sure you’re following through with some of the things that you would maybe be too busy to remember. I tried to stick to my routine that I had prior, because it was giving me a little sense of normal. At the very beginning, I would say the first couple of weeks was so scary that I had no motivation to work out or anything.

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