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Exercise almost daily (weight or cardio – or both; not always strenuous, but often and Josh Storm FSU WORK shirt  at least five days a week). Eat quality, nutritious food over junk food. Limit sugar and refined carbs. Eat plenty of salads, vegetables, some fruit and some meat (preferably grass-fed beef). Add a few glasses of whiskey (or a few glasses of red wine) every week – in what I’d like to call a therapeutic dose. Think.

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Oral supplements: multivitamins, fish oil, calcium, aspirin for children, spirulina (algae) and desiccated cow liver tablets. mAvoid the Josh Storm FSU WORK shirt  sun like the plague and wear sunscreen daily (whether I plan to go out or not – it’s a good practice to always protect your skin). Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses (other than sunscreen) when I plan to be outside for a long time. Some whiskeys and gins but you’re basically asking people what their hobbies are ..

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Just try different things and find out for yourself .. Unless you’re not old enough, in that case it’s going to bed .. The Josh Storm FSU WORK shirt  amount of drunken tea isn’t really a question; It is where tea occupies culture. If something goes wrong in life, no matter how small or big, no one will offer you a cup of coffee, soft drink or anything like that. They will invite you to tea. If you want to discuss something really serious with a sympathetic friend, you will be invited to drink tea (although you are free to say no, thanks, can I have a coffee instead?)

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An exception I can think of is when something really, truly catastrophic happens, when you can be offered a hard drink (whiskey, brandy) in the Josh Storm FSU WORK shirt  first case. But that is only to calm you down to a place where a comfortable cup of tea will be welcome. Me with the same level friend. For almost six years now. However, I am trying to shorten my life .. Do you really want to sit around a wheelchair in an old house waiting to die? And now I’m 63. But I know that I have diabetes, unfiltered smoking and I can feel it. Curious about your cottage? My has become a little foam.


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