Pretty fly for a white guy Mike Pence shirt

Pretty fly for a white guy Mike Pence shirt

Some people who experience cardiac arrest but are brought back state that they see images and light. Some say that they see themselves floating above their own body as if out of their body for a period of time. Research studies have been set up that place shelves high up in the hospital room with objects that can only be seen from the top of the room. Patients have been unable to recall these hidden images, even when they stated that they were at the ceiling looking down. This seems to indicate that while there may be some level of consciousness that is not yet understood, sight is not a part of the dying process. Death is a process, therefore attempting to define the one moment when vision ceases for all individuals may be difficult to do. Much depends on which body processes are shutting down and in which order. A person with severe trauma to the back of the head may experience instant blindness even though they are breathing and fully conscious. On the other hand, a person who is dying of a slow disease process may lose the senses, such as sight, much more slowly. The reason for this is that oxygen levels in the brain diminish gradually, which dulls the senses, but doesn’t shut them down all at once. 

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Pretty fly for a white guy Mike Pence shirt

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If you witness a person who experiences a sudden cardiac arrest, the brain will lose the ability to see within about 4–6 seconds after the heart stops. The muscles of the eye relax almost immediately as brain functions cease. The deceased person’s pupils become large and do not respond to light. Called “fixed and dilated” or “blown pupils”. At this point, the person will never see again unless they are resuscitated and oxygen flow returns to the brain before those cells that control conscious memories, thoughts, and vision have died. A drop each of raw honey and water or eye drops in each eye at bedtime right before going to sleep is what many people use [I have not tried this even though it has been done for years] and it lightens the eyes from dark brown to light brown and sometimes even with a fleck of green. Do your research before putting anything in your eyes. YouTube is a good place to start as you will be able to see and hear personal stories of those who have done it. My suggestion is to do this for your health and you might get a nice side effect of lighter eyes. Do let us know your results. Raw honey has been used to successfully reverse some eye conditions and reports of having clearer vision after just a week of doing this makes it attractive for health purposes.

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