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Tapping into the Official it’s the audacity for me shirt it is in the first place but vitality of naive art doesn’t mean making clothes that feel juvenile. Rogers struck a balance between the more whimsical elements of the collection and the glitz that has put him on the speed dial of Hollywood’s top stylists. Having mastered voluminous ball gowns, he gave slinkier fare a try with a sequin catsuit for body-conscious clients. The silks and satins were replaced with easier to wear cotton and taffeta fabrics, but the aesthetic shifts were slight. The Lady Gagas and Tracee Ellis Rosses of the world can breathe a sigh of relief; Rogers’s girl is still a glamour puss, but this time around, she’s also an everywoman. “It’s nice to know that all these different types of people with differing interests, body types, and personalities can find themselves within this aesthetic,” explains Rogers. “Ultimately, that’s the point.”

Official it's the audacity for me shirt

The limitations caused by the Official it’s the audacity for me shirt it is in the first place but pandemic have been tough on the youth. The physical group activities so vital to the formative years of tweens and teens and twenty-somethings have been disrupted: no sports, no school, no summer parties until sunrise. Zooms, FaceTimes, and livestreams can substitute a lot, but never the real thing. While the fangirls who fawn over Miu Miu did have to experience this season’s show without the atmosphere of an audience, Miuccia Prada gifted them with the communal spirit of girlhood. Livestreamed from Milan, the show set imagined a cyber-spacious sports arena covered in screens with the—also livestreamed—faces of Miu Miu poster girls watching the show, including Elle Fanning, Chloé Sevigny, and various influencers.

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