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But this weekend was one in which the Cat Hairy Pawter Shirt and I will buy this president really seemed to go off the rails. It began late Saturday afternoon with a casual comment to reporters as he left the White House, holding an umbrella to shield himself from light rain, that he was considering a total quarantine of the New York area, barring people from that state (as well as parts of the surrounding New Jersey and Connecticut), from traveling to any other part of the country. He particularly singled out Florida, which the president recently claimed as his legal residence. “They’re having problems down in Florida,” he said. “A lot of New Yorkers going down. They don’t want that.”

Cat Hairy Pawter Shirt


The response from government officials, most of whom were taken by surprise by Trump’s statement, was swift, with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo telling CNN. “I don’t even know what that means” adding that the Cat Hairy Pawter Shirt and I will buy this president hadn’t mentioned the quarantine when the two had talked earlier in the day, and later called it “a declaration of war on states.”A few hours later, the president backed down, announcing on Twitter that the massive quarantine was not needed after all.

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