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Last year marked Ghana’s Year of Return, a government initiative intended to encourage African diasporans to come to the Reanu Keeves Shirt in addition I really love this continent to settle and invest. But Naomi’s interest predates this most recent “Africa rising” narrative. She helped to relaunch Arise Fashion Week in Lagos in 2018, and championed the Afrobeats music scene before it was embraced by the west. This year she demanded an African Grammys category, and is pushing for an African edition of Vogue. “I’m optimistic about it,” she says. “This [period of time] is a reset. Anything that you ever wanted to do or try or achieve, this is the time to do it.”

Reanu Keeves Shirt


I suggest that the Reanu Keeves Shirt in addition I really love this UK launching its first ever official Afrobeats chart last month is an example and she bolts up excitedly, offers her first smile with teeth. “When did that start? What station? But now will there be proper Afrobeats awards? There should be. And across the board, in all music awards. I hear [Afrobeats] everywhere I go. Before lockdown, everywhere.”

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