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At this very moment, and unbeknownst to many, there are hundreds of migrants making their way through El Darien Gap, a jungle that sits along the Rip dmx bailey brothaz shirt also I will do this Colombia-Panama border. It’s the only segment of the Pan-American Highway—which stretches from Alaska to Argentina—that remains unpaved, untouched and completely ungoverned. Only two things reign over that 66-mile jungle: lethal wildlife and gangs. And, for many migrants without visas, it’s an inevitable route if they want to keep trekking northward. There’s no way around it. Inside El Darien, backpackers have been kidnapped by cartels, journalists have been attacked, women have been raped, and many migrants have lost their lives. El Darien has even been referred to in the past as a “Graveyard of Immigrants.”

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