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Rather, he suggests three methods. The first is that Smile if nothing else be yourself shirt, when negative emotions come up, one should neutralize “afflictive emotions with a specific antidote,” based on the idea that in the same instant of consciousness, one cannot feel both love and hatred. Now, I understand that any emotion corresponds to some chemicals crossing synapses, and so on, and so in some sense have “real” existence. That criticism is missing the point, I think; what Ricard is saying here is essential, don’t fixate on that emotion and let it control your actions and how you feel. Easier said than done? Maybe, but certainly not impossible, and at least worth a shot. Once we learn to avoid that fixation, we do not need to bring in antidotes from the outside; the emotions themselves act as catalysts for freeing ourselves of their baneful influence.

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Smile if nothing else be yourself shirt

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Now, I’m not very eloquent nor do I remember everything Ricard said/wrote, so reading this is definitely a poor substitute for actually reading his book. There’s a lot more to say, for instance, about ego and how the concept of ‘self’ can sometimes add to one’s suffering. Also, the three solutions Ricard mentions aren’t going to eliminate suffering and sad or traumatic events from your life. They ARE, however, ways to deal with suffering/sadness/trauma in a way that won’t leave you worse off. Anyway, I think that answers your question, if by the lifestyle you mean what habits you develop and how you deal with negative emotions. On the other hand, if by the lifestyle you mean something like profession, then to quote Shinpachi from Gintama, “A hundred people have found a hundred different ways to be happy.” Cheesy? Well, yeah, sorry. I was told that more people than usual would begin to have heightened anxiety about the state of the world and wonder if it was going to end. They reassured me that the world was not going to end in the decades ahead, and not for quite a long time.


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