Snoopy Sunflower and Butterfly shirt

When you were in the relationship with the narcissist Snoopy Sunflower and Butterfly shirt, everything seemed fine, right? You were dying inside, but the manipulation was so subtle, that even you didn’t know for sure that’s what was happening. The narcissist feeds off of your energy, they suck you dry. Your admiration and desire to please is their fuel, so they break you down until you’re so controlled by them you will do anything to make them happy and finally end this horrible cycle. Except, by the time they have your energy on tap, and they’ve sucked you dry, it’s not enough anymore. They projected themselves to be a shining beacon of everything you would want in a partner. They looked kind, caring, sensitive, and successful on the outside, and even though you were tormented, you somehow bought it too. So they move on to the next one. You’ve done everything in your power to make this work, their manipulation has convinced you that its your fault and you were responsible for making them happy. When you couldn’t, they moved on to someone else who could.

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Snoopy Sunflower and Butterfly shirt

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A narc can never accept any blame for their actions, so they make sure you see how happy they are- because obviously you were the problem and they’re actually the king or queen of healthy and happy relationships. Now that you are not in the equation anymore, their life is perfect. This is all a part of the same trap. Their new victim needs to be convinced that they are in a good relationship to stay and feed the narc, and the narc needs to convince you that so the mask never comes off and they can keep up the illusion, keep victim hopping, and never face themselves. This is a continuation of the blame and responsibility you’ve been conditioned to take on. They look happy, but they aren’t. Now that you’re out of their toxic orbit, you’re finally to free to have the relationship and love they never could, so don’t look back.


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