St.Patrick’s Day Cheer Snoopy and Woodstock shirt

The crew returned around 3 pm and St.Patrick’s Day Cheer Snoopy and Woodstock shirt was frantic because someone stole their equipment, they even called the cops. About that time a detective pulled up and asked me if I knew what happened to that equipment out front of my house. I did not lie to him, I told him I asked them to unblock my driveway and they just took off so I called to have it towed away. I didn’t remember what company I called as I was more concerned about going to work. The equipment was found about 3 days later in the impound yard after being towed from the middle of a public park. Word was they never found out who put it in the middle of the park, and I was never asked about it either. Total time between when I walked in the emergency room door and when a doctor was looking at me: less than two minutes. The doctor took one look at me and immediately ordered a shot of adrenaline. Total time between when he ordered it and when a tech was sticking a needle in my arm: another two minutes.

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